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Melbourne is the home of great design. There’s hardly a suburb or precinct that hasn’t been transformed by some of the world’s most striking and innovative building designs, from shared spaces to towering city dwellings.

But it’s the delivery that ultimately matters.

United Commercial Projects is the perfect partner to bring architectural design to reality. We’re part of the process that can interpret innovation and even the spectacular into a functional and perfectly finished space.

Just check out our completed projects. We’ve worked with some of Australia’s best architects and designers to deliver their clients’ a built space of the highest quality, value and that makes that building a special place to be in.

We understand that whatever the brief, the finished product is a reflection of the owner’s needs and aspirations. Every project is an opportunity to bring change and new uses for even the most functional of buildings. With that in mind, we’ll help deliver that transformation, on time and on budget.

We Deliver even when the specs change, we can too

It’s true in life and doubly true in building. Expect the unexpected. Even the most well managed projects are subject to changes in their specification. Sometimes it’s the colour of the walls, others might mean major structural changes.

No need to panic

We understand that it can be inevitable. When changes are demanded, we’ll work with you to find the most cost-effective answer to the changes and to do our best to keep the production schedule on-track.

We have the project management expertise and a team of building professionals to make changes on the go as seamless and inexpensive as possible.


United Commercial Projects offer industry leading service and expertise in:

Commercial Office Fitouts  Read More pointer

From the largest commercial spaces to small shop front fitouts, United Commercial Projects can offer a full fitout service regardless of the design or project size. United Commercial Projects has recently completed one of the largest fitouts in Australia, on time and on budget. We've also delivered small retail and corporate fitouts across Victoria that deliver attractive and functional spaces that have helped transform user perceptions of these enterprises. Our expertise in design, construction, project management and stakeholder consultation means we can deliver a seamless service that minimises facility downtime and offer spaces that are stimulating, exciting and deliver a great return on investment.

Building Refurbishments  Read More pointer

Refurbishments offer a cost-effective alternative to changing location or even rebuilding. With intelligent use of an existing structure, coupled with good design and planning means many companies can look forward to utilising their existing buildings for many years at a fraction of the cost of relocating. United Commercial Projects can assist in structural and cosmetic refurbishment.

Commercial Construction  Read More pointer

Our expertise in bringing large and complex projects to life means United Commercial Projects is well placed to deliver on projects from 'greenfield' sites through to handover. United Commercial Projects has a demonstrated ability to specify and create schedules, produce supporting documentation, manage subcontractors, communicate with stakeholders at all stages of a project, and deliver without compromise.

In this most competitive field, it doesn't pay to take chances. Our proven track record makes United Commercial Projects a standout supplier, with excellent credentials and the resources to manage projects of all sizes. Our expertise in design, construction, project management and stakeholder consultation means we offer spaces that are exciting and deliver a great return on investment.

Design & Construct  Read More pointer

By utilization of the strong industry connections forged by United Commercial Projects over the more that decade in business, United Commercial has been able and continues to partner with the best and most well suited design and engineering firms as required of each project in order to provide the best possible, all-inclusive Design and Construct service for our clients.

Construction Management Read More pointer

In this crucial component of project delivery, United Commercial Projects manages construction projects from ‘greenfield’ sites to completion.

Our focus has always been on preparation, documentation and collaboration. There are no shortcuts. Making sure our team - and our clients are properly briefed is the first step towards an excellent result. Mapping our progress with full documentation means we’re always accountable and there’s no guesswork. We work with stakeholders at all stages of a project so they are never in the dark. Building confidence is no accident. It comes from being accountable and available, hallmarks of our business.

Programmed Maintenance  Read More pointer

One of the most overlooked aspects of asset management, Programmed Maintenance is an essential part of ensuring assets functionality, safety and value are maintained. United Commercial Projects offers is Programmed Maintenance services to existing clients and any enterprise that recognizes the key role programmed maintenance has in managing structures, their appearance and their functionality. From floors to roofing, painting to signage, United Commercial Projects can offer a process that is planned, costed and ensures no aspect of a building is overlooked.